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May 30, 2017

Today, on The Philanthropy Podcast Patrick Van Der Tuin, Executive Director of St. Louis Bicycle Works shares his insights on running a nonprofit and how having a retail operation shapes organizational funding. Patrick discusses the pros and cons of having a retail side of the house, staffing issues that arise, board oversight, benchmarking, volunteer recruitment, and how Bicycle Works is able to generate unrestricted revenue from their retail effort. I think this is a great dive into a nonprofit model that makes a lot of sense for many nonprofits but might not be utilized as widely as it could be. 

Our discussion with Patrick also shows how Bicycle Works and the other BWorks efforts help St. Louis’ youth learn valuable skills and take ownership in the mission of a nonprofit. Patrick also touches on the importance of self-care when you’re a nonprofit executive director and gives his advice for nonprofits thinking of dipping their toes into this space and those looking to dive into the deep end of launching a retail operation.

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Thank you for listening to today's show. Be sure to join us next week when I'll interview Aly Hall of The American Association of Endodontists Foundation about peer to peer fundraising in what is one of the most informative interviews I think we’ve had to date.

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